ROHDE & SCHWARZ BN41001 SMLR POWER SIGNAL GENERATOR - This rig was a found. It was bought on Santa Ifigênia, at a third-hand store, in 1998. Excellent condition, neat construction, and very heavy!!! I paid R$100 at that time. Something about USD$80 nowadays (refer to this currency converter). Side-by side to it were a beautiful, amazing HP-608E, like this one. Unfortunately I had not enough money to spend. They asked R$250 for the 608, I had only R$120. No bargain at all!!! Wish I had R$350 at that day, to buy both!!!

    This unit once belonged to a Telefunken plant, as you can see. The serial number of my unit is M1242/176. It honour the good reputation Rohde&Schwarz always had and still does.

    There is not so much to tell about the BN41001, it is 90kHz to 30MHz in six ranges, The dial is a rotating styled drum that changes scale with the switching of the ranges, making the tuning smooth and easy as possible. AS most of the R&S units of that era, the dial is clean and only the necessary buttons and controls can be seen. Nothing in the front panel is useless. The scale is 17" wide. The output voltmeter is calibrated in both V and dBmV for 60 ohms load. As long as I could check the precision and level is stable the entire ranges covered. Level drift under 1% for all ranges (in 0dB level and 60 ohms, for higher levels or open load, worse drift) and frequency drift under 0,5ppm/hour, checked with my LCM-805 on 30MHz.

    It is AM modulated, on 30%, and there are provision for external modulation input.

    The power level is up to 1.6W on 30MHz @ 60 ohms and a little bit higher on 100kHz. This specs came from Helmut Singer Elektronik, which may not be accurate. I need the manual for this unit, also. I found, but they asked €30 plus shipping for it and I though it was too much, since it was in German.

    To don't say that is the perfect rig for HF generation, there is a unusual connector used on the outputs, made by Schutzinger as seen below. Most of the time I use it together with my HP5314A frequency meter.

        NEW - Thanks to Mr Peter, from Germany, here you can find full documentation of this Rig, in English.

        SCHEMATICS - PDF 116kB


        CONNECTOR DETAILS - Adapters also available at:

          Manufacturer part number for this connector is: HFS 13/53V DIN 47284