This is a very nice software for beginners and for small things. No limitations in usage, but it doesn't generate Gerber or other plottable files. ExpressPCB deals with manufacturing PCBs with basis on the files you create using their software.  If you want to run by yourself and make your own PCB's, ExpressPCB is the fastest solution. After all, if you want only to draw schematics, not to make PCB, ExpressSCH is preferred than KICAD EESchema. You can download ExpressPCB from here.

        I did my PCBs in two different ways: One is printing the PCB file to PDF and after that printing a paper transfer. It is a good way to be fast, but not so good for small PCB apertures. The other way is printing a transparency and generating a silk-screen to print the bare PCBs with synthetic ink. In this way you can make smaller tracks with no problem.

        Here you can found some libraries I generated for ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH, and can be freely downloaded.