HH-5AMP POWER SUPPLY  - This is just a 5-AMP 13.8Volt power supply to be used with some CB radios or other gadgets, with incorporated speaker. Just a small application of the TO-3 LM318 from LINEAR technology as a fixed regulator, and a good power transformer (wounded by myself). Transformer detail coming soon. The LM 318 has a really good feedback loop error amplifier that the full load capability makes only a 0.15V drop on the PSU terminals.



You can see it underneath my beatiful COBRA 140GTL.



One of the most important points to be noticed on LINEAR application is that they said to make the feedback rail of the error amplifier do not participate with the main current flow line. This means that you must make a separate connection from the output bourns, one for the main current flow, and other for the feedback. After seeing the explanation of this phenomena, becomes clear and obvious its reasons: When the current flows through a wire (huge current, for instance 5 amps), it makes a small voltage drop over it. If you take the sense (feedback) point after this wire, all drops caused by large amounts of current over the wire will not affect the loop, since it is closed after the dropping element (the wire). Since the current of the feedback path is too small (below 1mA) it is disregarded on the overall loop calculation. This can be taken as "star feedback loopthrough".



Output bourns and input of the speaker.