KICAD - An amazing FREE EDA Suite to make PCBs, far better than ExpressPCB, the software I was using before KICAD. It links the Schematic Creator EESchema to the PCB software Pcbnew. Also you can view your design in 3D. You can generate a lot of output formats, like Gerber and HPLG, and netlists to spice simulations. The application is designed for Windows and Linux environments.

No limitations for use, and it is open source on GPL license. More information about KICAD can be found on its site. The version I am using today is 2007-02-16, for WinXP.

Most of the projects listed on this site you can find the Gerber files to download and built your own board professionally

The source *.brd and *.sch files I will not place anywhere. Apologize me.


Some other interesting KICAD library resources free on the web: - main resource for KICAD libraries - Libraries converted from Eagle to KICAD




miniwatt.txt - a brief explanation of the files and libraries, how to load into KICAD, including 3D models for some (created with Wings3D). I did not created 3D model for every one due to pure absence of time. - the files themselves.


I can create your dedicated 3D or KICAD library upon request.

Also I can make your entire project if you prefer.

Email me for a quote.




Some 3D models I have created.


This one has taken days of labour, since I had to learn to use the Wings 3D, and I really reproduced the full tube, with the internal connections from each electrode to its correspondent pin, following the specification, and a real tube that I was looking at for days and days (nights and nights)...

Later I made an exploded view of the tube because some guys did not believe that I did the drawing, here it is the exploded view, too....

The *wrl file is available on the libraries of for download.


Exploded views: