LEADER LSG-532 TV-FM SWEMAR GENERATOR - This unit came with the LAG-66 and other rigs, from a swap I made with a fellow that was scraping them. I was very happy to get this rig because a friend of mine had one and he said that it were a good low-end VHF generator. It is actually a very popular equipment and I saw it in a lot of places, even in an old Japanese magazine prior I had this one. I have the schematics of it, and manuals. The name SWEMAR is an acronym to SWEEP-MARKER, I think.

    The Marker Generator covers from 3.5MHz to 125MHz, in four ranges, and have calibrated harmonics on the dial, so you can go up to 250MHz, but around 6dB down from the level on 125MHz. There are provisions to XTAL marker, AF modulation, and marker size.

    The Sweep generator covers from 5MHz to 250MHz in two ranges, and has sweep width control. I have no idea how wide is the swept range, but in the maximum adjust in 95MHz it can disturb almost all commercial FM Band on the SANSUI 8080.

    Most of the time I keep the sweeper turned off, and use the Marker as a CW VHF generator, when I don't use the VHF-1, that is FM-modulated.

    I just replaced the power cord and placed a line filter on AC mains. I changed the old connector for BNCs, that are more reliable. Since its dial is becoming very hard to see, I asked my brother to scan it, and make the drawings again for me with CorelDraw®. You can see the scans with lower resolution here. If you need the high resolution images, ask me and I will send you at no expenses. This unit has a very good finish and construction.