NATIONAL VP-526A – I bought this scope in early 2001 at a third-hand store on Santa Ifigênia, here in São Paulo. I was doing some college homework and needed a reasonable scope to do it at home. It belonged to a SHARP factory plant as you can see. At the time I bought it, I had no idea of how difficult could be to get information about Japanese test equipment. Now I avoid buying equipment that I can't get info first. It might be useless quite fast. I paid R$300,00 on it at that time. Nowadays it is aprox. USD200 (refer to this currency converter). So, by only taking into account the frequency response, which is 10MHz on this rig, I turn my mind to the VP-526A, instead of the beautiful HP-1200B that stared side-by-side to it (the HP-1200B has only 500kHz range, but it has DTB, and other interesting features: is HP, rack-mount, full differential input, etc. and they were asking R$250 for the HP1200B). I hate myself because of it.  Actually I never needed to use this scope in such high frequencies. Most high frequency measurements I have made was HF-AM percentage modulation on 40m and 80m, and other baseband Video related measurements. The VP-526 is a battle horse, but need a few fine alignment. Despite of the fact that the .5s, .2s and .1s Horizontal sweep ranges never worked, this scope did the jobs quite great. I have neither specs, manual or schematics of it, so I avoid messing with its adjustments. I think this is the first page dedicated to this scope. But it has a good construction and is in a average good state. Any info about this unit is welcome. I made an approximate specification (careful because it might contain errors - do not trust this info if you find this rig to sale).

    I have found a lot of this units for sale at Yahoo! Auctions Japan, but Japanese sellers never ship Internationally and, after create a login for me on Yahoo! Auctions Japan (what a tough job!!), and asking some sellers about the manual, they answered me nothing. :(