This page is dedicated to share knowledge about the few Test Equipments I have in my home. I wish to keep them working as best as I can, and learn to take the best from them. All information I have about them will be available at this site, or in other linked pages I have found. For most test equipment enthusiast of US and Europe, my rigs are junk, I know. But here in Brazil is very difficult to get these things and I got some useful rigs that helped me to learn a little of electronics, and make some profit of it.

     Home Made rigs - many of them I have built in the time I lived on Presidente Prudente, and had enough time to spend. Hours and hours of labour I put into them, but they gave me back many experiences, from the failures and deceptions until a reasonable result. I was just 17', had just made a long distance course on IUB, so I apologize myself for the mistakes and stupid things I have done. Some other I built not so many years ago, and have not so many mistakes. I used to give to the ones I made the HellHammer "brand". This name is due to an old 80's Black Metal band I listened too much at these days. The newer ones have the same name just because of the tradition.....

    Also, there are some units that I didn't construct, but are very useful for me, and might be interesting for others.

    I separate the types in Branded and Home Made. Click the buttons below to go to their pages.